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Waste Water Treatment Plant Design

providing structural and civil engineering for new and existing waste water treatment plant designs . . .

We are experienced with the planning and design development for the retrofit of existing or new wastewater treatment plants. 2KS Consulting serves in the supporting role for providing civil and structural engineering support for the project. Our mapping of the site and the development of 3D renderings for the design of the projects have served as excellent visual aids for community understanding of how the project will look after it is constructed. Design support includes the plan development of the headworks, influent screens, aeration basins with a new diffused air aeration system, reinforced concrete clarifiers and UV disinfection system. Our projects also include the development of the operations buildings that house the plant laboratory, electrical service and motor control equipment, aeration blowers, pumping equipment, UV disinfection equipment, and a standby backup generator capable of supplying all of the connected electrical loads during a power failure.

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