Engineering Inspections

2KS Consulting provides residential building structural inspections, commercial building structural inspections, retaining wall structural inspections, bridge inspections and manufactured home inspections for FHA financing..

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Structural & Civil

2KS Consulting primarily provides structural engineering design services for structural engineering projects and can assist with civil engineering service support as well. We provide an efficient and thorough design process.

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Earthquake Analysis

2KS Consulting provides earthquake / seismic evaluations for both new and existing construction. Projects include residential and commercial buildings, bridges, retaining walls and forensics related to earthquake damage.

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Residential Design

Whether it is your new construction project, adding on to your home, a simple remodel or removing a bearing wall to open up your living space, 2KS Consulting can help with all of your structural and civil engineering needs.

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Commercial Design

2KS Consulting can help with the build-out of your new commercial project, providing engineering retrofit of your existing building, or provide feasibility engineering for proposed use changes.

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Public Projects

Public design projects are part of our core strength, and we can bring strength any team looking for design capabilities associated with Infrastructure Improvement projects. We would be happy to entertain being part of your team.

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